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Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot


Peter Marshall delivered support steelwork and access stairs to this unique project for the Royal Navy. This project will deliver a new jetty with fuel loading and firefighting facilities at Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot.

Construction of the new jetty was awarded to VolkerStevin and it was commissioned through the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). The Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot is a highly complex and secure environment with strict governance.

A challenge for the project is that the jetty will be constructed within a Special Area of Conservation on the River Tamar. Therefore, it has to comply with stringent environmental regulations. These are to minimise disturbance and disruption of both local residents, but also migrating fish. Any dredging, clearance and piling work, could only take place after the annual fish migration. It was important to protect the water environment during construction, and during operation once live. VolkerStevin engaged with the local community and were keen to protect local wildlife.

Demolition of the sixty year old existing structure was necessary, before construction of the new jetty could start. Three hundred precast concrete units were involved in constructing the new jetty. The project also had to comply with design and planning constraints, coupled with specific requirements regarding its visual impact and specifications. Work was carried out whilst the old jetty was still operational, as the fuel depot activities could not be suspended during the construction phase.

The completed facility will service all of the Royal Navy’s fuelling requirements at Devonport. The Thanckes Jetty is the first in a number of projects to modernise the Oil Fuel Depots in Devonport and Portsmouth to service the fuelling of the Naval Fleet in both ports.

Peter Marshall Steel Stairs are providing the support steelwork with 3 access stairs for the jetty approach control office. This includes open mesh flooring, treads and free bearings for each steel staircase.


Royal Navy

Main Contractor

Shafton Steel Services / VolkerStevin Ltd